New roller coaster VelociCoaster at Universal Studios Orlando Florida

VelociCoaster, coming to Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Summer of 2021

When is VelociCoaster opening at Universal’s Islands of Adventure?

Breaking News!! VelociCoaster Opening June 10th, 2021

The Hunt Begins!

Check out this amazing new roller coaster set to open in the summer of 2021. The VelociCoaster is opening at Universal’s Islands of Adventure this Summer and is eagerly awaited. This new ride is dubbed as ‘The Apex Predator of Coasters’ by Universal Studios Orlando, Florida and we are extremely excited for this ride to open. The construction of this roller coaster took over 2 years to complete and will become Florida’s fastest and highest-launch rollercoaster’s. The VelociCoaster boasts Universal Studios Islands of Adventure’s steepest drop of 140 ft. We have included some amazing videos within this blog post for you to get excited and ready to ride this awesome new roller coaster when it finally opens to the general public.

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Velocicoaster at Universak Studios Island of Adventure Orlando Florida

Photo source: Universal Orlando

Check out this cool video of the conceptual rendering

VelociCoaster is located in the Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure

The New VelociCoaster will now occupy the old Triceratops Encounter ride that has been removed. The VelociCoaster is located at the Jurassic Park area of Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. This area of the park is also home to the Jurassic Park River Adventure Water ride which is so much fun. The Jurassic Park River Adventure has a steep drop of about 85 feet and ends with an awesome splash in the water. Definitely not one to miss!

Check out this awesome video of the Jurassic Park River Adventure Water Ride

VelociCoaster footage from around the internet

Spoiler Alert! Don’t watch these videos if you want to be surprised when the VelociCoaster opens.

As usual Universal Studios Orlando Florida is remaining tight-lipped about the new ride that is due to open this summer 2021. So we have compiled a list of the best VelociCoaster videos on YouTube to give you the first glimpses of this amazing roller coaster. The commentary in these videos is not our own. Video credit can be seen by clicking on YouTube. Just to give you the heads up, these are all spoiler videos, so if you want to wait for the surprise and opening of the coaster don’t watch these videos.

VelociCoaster sounds and lighting at nighttime

Looking at the VelociCoaster in this video really brings a sense of how awesome this coaster is going to be. The walkways around this part of the park bring you extremely close to all the action. There are some really incredible vantage points to view riders speeding by. These areas are great for taking photos of friends or family members who are riding the roller coaster.

This insider video clip shows some of the first images and sounds a rider is likely to see and hear while boarding the VelociCoaster for their first ride. This spoiler video is recorded at night and really gets you excited about riding this awesome new roller coaster.

Must Watch! Velocicoaster stats and insider info

Check out some of the amazing stats of the VelociCoaster

Rider minimum height:  51 inches or 4.25 Feet tall

Speed:  70 Mph

Launch height:  155 Feet

Track length:  4700 Feet

Launch speed:  0 – 70Mph in 3 seconds

Ride restraint:  Lap bar

Second launch speed:  40 – 70 Mph in 2.4 seconds

Steepest drop:  140 Feet

Inversion length:  100 Feet

Inversion speed:  55 Mph

Coaster train capacity:  24 riders

Information source from the video below on: YouTube

Testing runs of the VelociCoaster Video

Check out this next video which features the new roller coaster from different angles. The park is currently undertaking multiple testing runs on a daily basis getting the roller coaster ready for riders. On occasion, the ride has been seen with riders aboard, however not in this video (skip to the end of this blog post to see a video of the coaster in action with a real rider aboard). The ride is rumored to open to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure annual pass holders first with a bunch of soft openings set to run in the beginning. The grand opening is set for the summer of 2021, but up to the posting time of this blog post, the date is still unknown.

Slow motion video of this Awesome coaster

This video is one of the coolest clips uploaded to YouTube, as it shows the amazing VelociCoaster in all of its glory in slow motion. The amazing footage shows just what it’s going to be like while suspended upside down hurtling through the theme park. This clip of the coaster is less than 2 minutes long but shows the new ride from some really cool angles. So major kudos to Attraction Magazine for uploading the footage to YouTube. This is one of our favorite videos and showcases the coaster really well.

Some of the first people to ride the VelociCoaster

The next video shows some of the first people lucky enough to have been selected to ride the VelociCoaster while still undergoing testing. By the sound of all the screams from those on board the passing coaster trains, it seemed as though those lucky few were really enjoying the thrilling ride. We wait in anticipation for the grand opening date for what is set to be the highlight of Universal Studios Islands of Adventure theme park for some years to come.

We hope you’ve liked our first glance look at the all-new VelociCoaster at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida. What can be seen in some of those cool video sneak peek reveals has us very excited about what is in store when the ride finally opens. If you liked our blog post and video compilation of the new coaster in action please share it with your friends, by using the share buttons below and let them know about the new roller coaster that’s set to open this summer. Who will you be taking with you to Universal when this bad boy opens up? Come say hi on our social channels.

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